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The Maid-zen Cleaning Experience

When you hire residential or small office cleaning professionals in North Houston, you should [...]


Microfiber 101

Have you ever tried to soak up some water or wipe up a mess and found that your run-of-the-mill [...]


The Benefits of a Clean Office

For entrepreneurs, individual contractors, and small companies, maintaining cleanliness and [...]


Should You Ask Your Landlord to Pay for Cleaning Services?

Hey Renters! As a renter, you have a certain amount of responsibility to maintain the overall [...]


10 Daily Habits for People Who Prioritize Cleanliness

Some people seem to have the knack of keeping everything in order. Having a clean, orderly home [...]


The Benefits of a Clean Home

Here at Maid-zen, we specialize in home cleaning and maid services with green cleaning [...]


Maid-zen’s Guide to Apartment Cleaning 101

Despite their smaller square footage apartments still require the regular cleaning and upkeep [...]


5 Daily Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner

There’s a productivity rule that says if a task is going to take less than 2 minutes, do it [...]


5 DIY Green Cleaning Products You Can Make from Household Items

Because Maid-zen is a green cleaning company, we like to help our customers maintain a clean [...]


Floor Cleaning Tips for Different Types of Floors

Floors are such a fundamental element of a home that it makes a big visual impact when they can [...]

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