How to Begin Decluttering Your Life

All of your stuff can grow on you like vines on a tree. If you want to see your life better or make it healthier, you’ll need to prune it on occasion. That will free up space, allowing you to [...]


Holiday House Cleaning Checklist

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to clean up and get ready to host and entertain. For some people, cleaning is fun but for others, it can be a daunting task. To help those less [...]


4 Best Essential Oils To Add To Your Cleaning Routine

(Courtesy of doTERRA) Essential oils contain natural cleaning properties. They do not contain harsh chemicals and are environmentally friendly. Use them in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh [...]


Should I Use Essential Oils with My Cleaning Products?

When you think about cleaning your home, you probably think about breaking out the standard cleaning products that you might buy when you go grocery shopping. You might have never thought about [...]


How a Monthly Cleaning is Actually a Good Investment

Keeping your home clean can be a never-ending blur of time-consuming chores. You’ve got daily chores, weekly to-do lists and monthly routines for heavy jobs. Add housekeeping duties, and annual [...]


5 Ways to Remove Carpet Stains with Stuff You Already Have

Professional carpet cleaners are available to clean the flooring in your home. Although it is important to hire these experts annually, do not assume that you cannot take simple steps to keep [...]


4 House Care Tips for People Who Love Their Home

As a homeowner, you might be proud of the property that you have purchased and turned into a home for yourself and your family. If you’re proud of and happy with your home, it is probably [...]


Why You Should Get Your Home Cleaned (At Least) Twice a Month

Survey Says… Housekeeping Is Stressful A 2016 survey by Huffington Post found that keeping their home clean and tidy is a major source of stress for people. In fact, 47 percent of people [...]


5 Things to Check During the Cleaning Out Process Prior to Moving

You’re moving and probably have a million things on your mind. From packing all your belongings to making sure everything is taken care of in your new city, it can be easy to forget that [...]


Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable This Summer

For those of us in Texas, summer is here. May was one of the hottest months on record and that sets us up for a real scorcher this summer. That means it’s time to start worrying about keeping [...]

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