Serving the areas of Pinehurst Of Atascocita, Atascocita Forest, Summer Lake Ranch, Kings River Village, Atasca Woods, Parkside At Kingwood Glen, Atascocita Trace, Kingwood Glen & more.


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Serving the areas of Pinehurst Of Atascocita, Atascocita Forest, Summer Lake Ranch, Kings River Village, Atasca Woods, Parkside At Kingwood Glen, Atascocita Trace, Kingwood Glen & more.

            Excellent Service! Janelle is a very attentive owner and the cleaning staff are highly talented and provide great value. Highly recommend Maid Zen’s cleaning service to anybody interested in high quality of work, great products that they use and the quality service and value they provide. They were able to accommodate our family request on a very short notice and scheduled to clean our house on a Tuesday. Everything went according to plan and the cleaning results were great.”

– Alfons C.

Maid Zen is a Top-Rated Atascocita House Cleaning Service

Atascocita is one of Northeast Houston’s larger subdivisions. It’s known for its amazing golf courses and parks, making it a popular retirement location for Houstonians and Texans abroad. Dominated by single family homes and local businesses, the Atascocita cleaning landscape requires both standard residential cleaning services as well as office and corporate cleaning.

Maid Zen offers both to residents and business owners in the Atascocita, TX area. Get a free quote on your next Atascocita cleaning project or book your cleaning now.

Our Professional House Cleaning Services

As the top-rated housekeeping and house cleaning company in Atascocita TX, Maid Zen is dedicated to customer service, a high-quality product, and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our housekeeping staff.

Our services include (but aren’t limited to) the following: dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning floors, appliances, laundry, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Our maids are highly trained so that they can expertly and quickly clean furniture, remove grime from surfaces around your home, and make sure that your appliances and surfaces are spotless.

Depending on your housekeeping needs in Atascocita, we offer the following services:

With Maid Zen, we offer are proud of the cleaning work that we do, offering a one-of-a-kind, personalized service with easy ways for our customers to pay. We offer in-home or over-the-phone estimates for even greater convenience. Call us at (832) 229-1053 or click on this link for a free quote.

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Maid Zen Cleaning Services of Northeast Texas

Here’s how we are positioned to better serve Atascocita cleaning customers better than larger cleaning companies.

  • Maid Zen intentionally keeps our service areas small, roughly within a 10-mile radius in each area we serve. 
  • This ensures that  our staff is not overburdened with travel and to save time and money on transportation. 
  • Many of our technicians travel no longer than five to 10 minutes between locations.
  • All of our team are hired locally and reside within our service area.

Our Atascocita Cleaning Service Area

We also serve the following zip codes within Atascocita: 77032, 77044, 77336, 77339, 77345, 77346, 77347, 77357, 77365, and 77396.

Wondering if Maid Zen serves your home in Atascocita? You can see our Atascocita service area below.

Maid Zen Cleaning Service
(832) 229-1053

Hours of Operation:
Monday 8 – 5
Tuesday 8 – 5
Wednesday 8 – 5
Thursday 8 – 5
Friday 8 – 5

*special appointments upon request

What You Can Expect from Our House Cleaning Services

We accommodate most house cleaning services, including washing windows, cleaning closets, wiping down cabinets and hutches, cleaning your oven or fridge in home laundry services, tile cleaning, drain cleaning, residential floor cleaning, spot removal on carpets and furniture, window cleaning, and deep cleaning services. Ask for details and costs associated with our cleaning tasks during your booking or free quote call.

Cleaning technicians at Maid Zen are consistent, thorough, and care about customer satisfaction. We offer personalized services, including one-time cleanings, recurring monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleanings, and more.

We also make payment as easy as possible for you, accepting both credit cards and checks. Furthermore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee as well. If you aren’t happy, our team will cheerfully return and re-clean. Contact us today at (832) 229-1053 for a free over-the-phone estimate. Or click on this link for a free quote.

One Time Cleaning Service

Whether you are planning a significant event at your home or are preparing to move out, Maid Zen has the solutions you need to clean your property. We offer comprehensive one-time cleaning services in Humble, TX that are ideal for thoroughly disinfecting and decluttering any space. Most commonly, one-time cleanings are performed before moving into a new property or when you are preparing to move out of your current one. To learn more about our one-time cleanings or to schedule a visit from our maid staff, contact our office.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Maid Zen’s recurring cleanings are regular, ongoing weekly, biweekly, or monthly maintenance cleaning appointments for homes, apartments, offices, and more. Our trained technicians will make sure that your home is tidy, safe, and sanitized so you can spend less time stressing about keeping up with cleaning and more time enjoying your space.

Deep Cleaning Services

Our Atascocita house cleaning service offering wouldn’t be complete without offering deep cleaning services. In fact, we require all new recurring clients to have a deep cleaning on their initial visit. We disinfect toilets and tubs, clean small appliances and sink drains, and more.

Additional in-depth cleaning services that require advanced notice or an additional fee include cleaning the inside of refrigerators and ovens and emptying fireplace ashes. We also clean within cabinets, hutches, or closets, washing interior windows, washing and folding clothes, and washing dishes.

Laundry (Wash & Fold) and Light Cleaning


  • 3 loads of laundry wash, dried, and folded
  • Dishes and countertops in the kitchen
  • Tidying up the main rooms
  • Make beds and clean bedrooms
  • Sink cleaning
  • Countertops
  • Toilets in the bathroom
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors.


  • 2 – 3 hours

A typical load of laundry takes about 1 hour to wash, dry, and fold properly. While the laundry is washing, we’ll clean throughout your house.

Apartment Cleaning

Maid Zen serves North Houston communities by providing a range of environmentally-friendly and non-toxic cleaning services explicitly catered for single family homes and apartment units.

Our professionally trained housekeeping staff effectively cleans, disinfects, and sanitizes all varieties of residential spaces. While we also work with commercial and administrative office spaces, we are experts in North Houston’s residential cleaning services for residents of homes, apartments, condos, and townhomes.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is one of our innovative cleaning services that caters directly to clients who have smaller commercial spaces that need regular cleaning. We specialize in scheduled cleaning for businesses and corporate offices of all sizes in Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, and surrounding areas, working with companies that prefer to outsource their cleaning.

COVID-19 Sanitization & Surface Cleaning

Most homes have a lot of surfaces that just won’t stay clean. Especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Notably, in the kitchen, the countertops, cabinets, appliances, and sinks need regular attention.

In the bathroom, the same areas, plus the toilet, tub, shower stall, and mirrors need near everyday cleaning. Our cleaning services include patio door cleaning, inside and out. We also wash windows situated over the kitchen sink, in our regular services. We also straighten or change the bed linens at your discretion.

We Are Atascocita House Cleaning Specialists

Thoroughly Clean Living and Family Rooms

Our cleaning technicians dust and polish your living spaces, including your living room and family room. Also, we clean the flooring, dust all of your ceiling fans and light fixtures on every visit. As well, we clean the baseboards and dust the window sills and blinds.

Tidy Up Bedrooms

Maid Zen wants to ensure you have a clean place to lay your head at night. Our maid service technicians vacuum your carpets, change and straighten your linens, make your beds. Moreover, our cleaning technicians will dust the entire space, and clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and baseboards.

A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Your kitchen can get dirty quickly. We work to ensure it is sanitary by wiping down the countertops, cleaning your refrigerator, stove, and cabinets. Furthermore, we even clean your air vents and wipe down all your appliances. Of course, we also vacuum and mop the floors.

Spotless Bathrooms & Vanities

At Maid Zen Cleaning Services in Atascocita, we work hard to clean and sanitize your bathrooms. This includes cleaning the sink and countertop. Of course, we also sanitize the toilet, wipe down your shower, shower stalls and bathtub. This also includes cleaning the floor.

Laundry Room

Thanks to lint, your laundry room can get dusty faster than other spaces in your home. We clean the outside of your appliances, dust, and vacuum and mop the floor in the laundry room.

Entryways, Exit Points, and Hallways

Finally, our cleaning service is attentive to all of your entryways, exit points, and hallways. These areas are cleaned thoroughly. Our house cleaning technicians ensure the floors in these areas are vacuumed and mopped well. Additionally, our cleaning technicians wipe down baseboards and clean fixtures in these areas as well.

Atascocita TX Cleaning FAQs

Where is Atascocita TX?

Atascocita TX is located in Northeast Houston, near Lake Houston. It’s a larger city in the Houston and according to Wikipedia it is located north and south of Farm to Market Road 1960 about 6 miles (10 km) east of Humble and 18 miles (29 km) northeast of downtown Houston in northeastern Harris County.

What county is Atascocita TX in?

Atascocita TX is located within Harris County

How far is Atascocita TX to Kingwood TX?

Kingwood TX and Atascocita TX are about 5 miles apart and have a 5 minute drive to get between them.

How far is Atascocita TX to Humble TX?

Atascocita and Humble are a little more than 5 miles apart. Humble is west of Atascocita and it takes about 10 minutes to drive between the two cities.

How many single family homes in Atascocita TX?

There are approximately 65,000 residents in Atascocita TX and ranked one of the top 20 places to live in Texas. It has thousands of single family homes.

What is the zip code for Atascocita TX?

Atascocita TX is located within the 77346 zip code.

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