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As a superior cleaning company serving the areas of Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble, Spring, Porter, and surrounding areas, Maid Zen Cleaning Services make your home look and feel luxurious.

We accomplish this by providing the best maid services in and around the Kingwood area. Our teams focus on being consistently thorough, cleaning the entire home each visit, and we always utilize non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

We understand that for most people, their home is their most precious asset. That’s why, when you choose our cleaning and maid services, we will treat your property as if it were our own. Our attention to detail will ensure that you are delighted with how clean your home looks and feels.

Additionally, since we use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be free from harmful allergens or chemicals. To learn more about the services and solutions, we have for your home or to schedule a visit from our team, reach out to our office.

Highly Trained Housekeeping Staff

We believe that a company is only as good as its professional cleaning service employees. That’s why at Maid Zen, each employee receives complete training by a dedicated, qualified instructor and undergoes continuing education and skills development. This way, we can ensure quality cleaning every time we arrive at your home.

Dealing with dirt, debris, and clutter in the home or office is frustrating. When you walk into a messy room, it can take a physical and mental toll. Many of us would love to have a space that looks clean and tidy at all times, but just don’t have the time. The team at Maid Zen Cleaning Services is here to help you.

Our staff is highly trained to maintain quality, safety, and attention detail with every single cleaning job. Simply put, we treat your home the way we would treat our own. We choose among the best applicants in the industry and we pay well so we can attract high-quality career-minded candidates. 

The cleaning industry is notorious for a high turnover rate which causes chaos and inconsistency. Our focus on retaining high quality, well-trained staff makes a difference in quality control for our cleaning services customers. 

Trainees are trained by a dedicated trainer for one to two weeks and finish training based on the trainee’s ability to grasp our Quality Cleaning Training Program. We have a dedicated staff member who conducts random, regular Quality Assurance (QA) checks. Furthermore, we have an app that keeps a running work order of the complaints/comments that a client has made about previous cleanings to ensure that any employee will understand the particular preferences of each client on each visit whether it’s the first time they’ve been in the home or not. We also send surveys via email after each cleaning to each client to ensure that they’re happy with the most recent service.

Our staff uses tough, non-toxic cleaning products to make sure your home is safe and sanitized and to mitigate the environmental impact of our work.

What Its Like Working with Maid Zen

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