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Reduce Your Stress: For Busy Neat Freaks

Cleaning your house isn’t usually difficult, but when you add it on top of all the other things you have to do in life it can become a big source of stress. You work, you may have children [...]


Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable This Summer

For those of us in Texas, summer is here. May was one of the hottest months on record and that sets us up for a real scorcher this summer. That means it’s time to start worrying about keeping [...]


The Maid-zen Cleaning Experience

When you hire residential or small office cleaning professionals in North Houston, you should be getting a great experience, not just a great service. At Maid-zen, it’s our goal to provide you [...]


Microfiber 101

Have you ever tried to soak up some water or wipe up a mess and found that your run-of-the-mill towel can’t soak up the liquid? Maybe it leaves residue after you wipe it up? While it’s been a [...]


The Benefits of a Clean Office

For entrepreneurs, individual contractors, and small companies, maintaining cleanliness and supplies in your office isn’t only necessary – it can be a full-time job unto itself. For those [...]

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