Houston…Here’s How to Make Your Bed!

We are calling on all Houstonians to get in the habit of making their bed every morning!

There’s a theory out there that if you want to drastically change your life for the better, you should start by making your bed.

Sounds strange, right? But it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Making your bed instills a sense of accomplishment first thing in the day. It also starts you on a path of self-discipline and self-care which will put you in a headspace to accomplish more throughout the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to start making your bed every morning but don’t know where to start, you can follow this really simple guide. We’ll talk about two different ways to make your bed in the morning. Both methods below shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

The Quick Fluff

The Quick Fluff method of making your bed simplifies the process so that you get a clean organized bedspread in a matter of seconds. There’s no tucking involved.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Clear your pillows off the main part of the bed and stack them near the headboard
  2. Grab your comforter/blanked and your top sheet along the edges ensuring that they are lined up nicely
  3. Pull them towards you so that they’re even with the side of the bed you are on
  4. Lift up quickly and then back down quickly, luffing both the top sheet and comforter until most of the wrinkles are out
  5. Continue to luff until it lies centered properly on the bed
  6. Move your pillows to the center of the bed and straighten out the blankets near the headboard by hand
  7. Place your pillows in an organized manner on top of the blankets and sheets

This methodology is especially good if you want to get kids and children to start making their bed.

The Professional Housekeeper

The Professional Housekeeper methodology builds on some of the steps in “The Quick Fluff” but includes some really nice professional touches that make it feel like you’re coming home to a professionally made up house.

  1. Clear your bed of all sheets comforters and pillows
  2. Check your fitted sheet and make sure that it’s synched down around the corners and edges of your mattress
  3. Take your top sheet and fluff it out over the bed so that the top of the top sheet lies evenly on the fitted sheet with about 6 inches of the top sheet exposed at the top of the bed
  4. Tuck in the sides of the top sheet under the mattress
  5. Tuck in the bottom side of the top sheet under the mattress
  6. Create hospital corners in the top sheet on each corner of the bottom side of the top sheet and tuck them in (here’s a handy guide on how to create hospital corners)
  7. Take your comforter and fluff it out over the top sheet so that it covers the top of the bed evenly
    1. For a fluffy down comforter, you’ll just let it hang over the sides and back of the mattress, folding back the near to the top to make room for pillows
    2. For a linen down comforter, you’ll want to repeat steps 4 – 6 to achieve a clean look
  8. Straighten out the top of your blanket by taking your hands and wiping out any wrinkles
  9. Fluff your pillows and carefully place them in an organized manner near the top of your bed

No matter which way you prefer to make the bed in the morning, the result will be a better start to your day and more organized bedroom to come how to at night.

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