Housekeeping Tips for All

Just because we’re Northeast Houston’s #1-rated cleaning and housekeeping service, doesn’t mean we want to keep all our cleaning expertise to ourselves. To be honest, we find that customers who have some of the cleaning basics down get better results when they hire a professional cleaning service.

In between your regular cleanings, use our tips, advice, and how-tos to make sure that your house is clean, healthy, and happy as can be.

House Cleaning Basics

When it comes to regular maintenance and every day upkeep, the tips below are designed to make sure that you’ve got all the basic cleaning skills down, from making your bed like a pro to properly folding and breaking down cardboard boxes.

Cleaning Services Insight

Maid Zen is a cleaning service company and we’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers and the cleaning industry overall has plenty of helpful knowledge at their fingertips. This section covers topics that are unique to the needs and interests of cleaning service companies and their customers.

Seasonal Cleaning Tips

In Northeast Houston, the weather can turn on a dime. From surprise thunderstorms, brutally hot summers, to catastrophic weather events like Hurricane Harvey, the weather and change in the seasons can have an impact on how clean your home is. These tips below are designed to help you cope with the changes that Houston weather brings.

Cleaning for Holidays & Special Occasions

Whether you’re moving into a new house or the holidays are coming around, Houston residents are often cleaning their homes before such major life events. The tips below are designed to help you prepare for said special occasions.

Cleaning Lifestyle

In a lot of ways, cleaning is a state of mind. It’s a lifestyle. The articles below outline ways that you can incorporate cleanliness into your life in a more meaningful way.

Cleaning Guides

Looking for a big picture approach to getting something cleaned properly? We have put together a few helpful guides for our readers to ensure the cover all their bases with their next cleaning project.

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