The Maid Zen Cleaning Experience

When you hire residential or office cleaning professionals in North Houston, you should be getting a great experience, not just a great service. At Maid Zen, it’s our goal to provide you with top-level cleaning services while providing a great overall experience for you and your family or employees.

Setting Up Your Cleaning

The experience begins with your initial contact with Maid-zen. When you first call Maid-zen, you’ll be offered your choice of an in-home cleaning estimate or an over the phone estimate.

Our customers appreciate the clarity and experience of a comprehensive in-home estimate. However, if your time and schedule won’t allow for an in-home estimate, you can opt for a phone estimate. If you prefer, you can even get a reasonable quote by filling out our simple online quote form.

We’re also available to answer questions and setup cleanings through our Facebook page

As you can see, Maid-zen strives to makes the professional cleaning experience as convenient as possible for our valued customers!

Customized Cleaning Experience

Most cleaning companies have standard services that they offer. They require your cleaning needs to fit in a box. This frequently results in you not really getting the cleaning services you need in the first place.

Because each customer’s needs are different, we aim to provide a customized cleaning experience. You get the cleaning that you need and want, when you want. If you only want a few rooms cleaned, just let us know. Maybe you only want your home cleaned once a month. That’s okay, too! Whatever you need, Maid-zen is here to provide the most enjoyable and convenient cleaning experience.

Of course, Maid-zen also makes it easy for you to order standard cleaning services, too. We offer move-in, move-out cleaning, one-time cleaning, and recurring cleaning services. We provide the standard services such as vacuuming, dusting and floor cleaning. However, we also go a step above, with window washing, cabinet cleaning and more.

We also provide a new laundry and light cleaning experience, which is perfect when college students arrive home for the summer, before visiting relatives arrive for the holidays, or before any special occasions and holidays (or you can add this between your recurring services).

Scheduling your cleaning experience with Maid Zen is a breeze, whether you want bi-weekly, weekly or monthly cleaning.

Developing Trust with Our Customers

At Maid-zen, we are very aware of the vulnerability of letting a stranger into your home to clean, do laundry, and tidy up. It’s somewhat intimate, that’s why we focus on communication and working with our customers to build trust and make sure that the entire cleaning experience is comfortable for you and your family as possible by giving quality customer service.

What makes your cleaning experience with Maid-zen really stand out is the way we operate in your home. Your home will be treated with the respect that it deserves. Our fleet of cleaning professionals will work diligently to bring out the luster and shine in every room, leaving your home sparkling and ready to enjoy.

Experience the clean. Experience Maid-zen!

Contact us today for your quote!

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