If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy local cleaning service for an Airbnb, VRBO, or short-term rental home, work with Maid Zen. We offer a complete suite of house, condo, and apartment cleaning services perfect for hosts. Get a free estimate on your cleaning needs below!

Free Estimate on Houston Airbnb Cleaning

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy local cleaning service for an Airbnb, VRBO, or short-term rental home, work with Maid Zen. We offer a complete suite of house, condo, and apartment cleaning services perfect for hosts. Get a free estimate on your cleaning needs below!

How an Airbnb Cleaning Service Works

Airbnb cleaning services arrive at the property after a guest has checked out, cleans up any mess left behind by the previous guests, and gets the property ready for a new stay. Hosts charge a cleaning fee on the app, so at least a part of the cost is covered by the rental cost.

All of Airbnb’s cleaning logistics happen behind the scenes. As a guest, you don’t even know when a cleaning is happening – all you see is a clean place when you arrive.

For hosts, it’s up to them to plan to hire professional cleaning services accordingly. If you have a place that is regularly booked, that could mean daily cleanings. If you run multiple Airbnb properties, you may need to find and coordinate reliable professional cleaning several times a day.

Stats on Airbnb Properties in Houston

According to available data, there are A LOT of Airbnb properties in Houston, TX. Here are a few Houston Airbnb stats:

  • 8,700+ Airbnb rentals total
  • Average daily rental rate is $143
  • 85% of rentals are entire home rentals
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate is 56% overall
  • Average rating on Airbnb is 4.56

            Maid Zen did an excellent job in cleaning my entire house so well. I’m a picky customer, yet I was completely satisfied with the detailed and complete work the two cleaning professionals did today. Much respect to the hard workers and sincere appreciation from a tired mom during crowded quarantining at home. Great price, too!”

– Kathleen H.

An Airbnb Cleaning Service in Houston

This section is all for Airbnb hosts. Are you looking for a reliable and professional Airbnb cleaning service in Northeast Houston? You’re in the right place.

If you’d like to set up regular cleanings for an Airbnb property, it’s best to reach out to a sales-person or owner of the cleaning company you’re looking for. The cleaning service will need several details up front to accurately quote a service and ensure they have plenty of staff to support your cleaning needs. Things to tell the cleaning service include:

  • How many Airbnb properties need cleaning?
  • How often is turnover at your properties?
  • How big/small are the properties?
  • Where are the Airbnb properties located?
  • What type of guests do you host?
  • How long-term are you planning on Airbnb hosting?

The last question pertains specifically to staffing needs. Sometimes, with large enough service requests, cleaning companies (like Maid Zen) will need to staff up to meet demand. Since Airbnbs can go off the market at a moment’s notice, it’s important that you share how consistently you’re planning on being an Airbnb host. Is this a full time job? A side hustle? Testing out the waters with a new property? All of this will help you find an Airbnb cleaning service that can meet your needs.

Working with Maid Zen for Airbnb Cleaning

If you’re a host in the Northeast Houston area, you can request a FREE QUOTE from Maid Zen on your cleaning service needs.

Cleaning Services We Offer

One-Time Deep Cleanings 

Get your home deep cleaned with our single-visit cleaning service. We expertly clean, declutter, and sanitize your space from top to bottom and set you up for easier maintenance cleanings in the future. Our  one-time cleaning services often take three to four hours (depending on the house) and are handled by  two or more of our cleaning technicians. Single-visit cleanings are ideal for first-time customers, when homes change ownership, or when your house has gone six months or more without a cleaning. 

Learn more about our one-time cleaning services here.

Move-In & Move-Out Cleanings

Similar to our one-time cleaning services but specialized focus on prepping for a move. Moving in or moving out can cause a lot of issues with cleanliness. Our move-in/move-out cleaning service will give your home a deep clean and make it ready for new residents.

Learn more about our move-in/move-out cleaning services here.

Recurring Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Cleaning Services

Our recurring (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) cleaning services help keep your home sparkling clean, especially for customers with highly active households like regular social gatherings, pets, larger families, etc.

All of our recurring or repeat cleaning services start with an initial, deep cleaning. During that time, our cleaning experts and housekeepers will deep clean your house from top to bottom, setting up future house and apartment cleanings for recurring maintenance cleanings.

Learn more about our recurring cleaning services here.

Laundry, Wash & Fold, & Light Cleaning

Our laundry, wash & fold plus light cleaning service might be perfect for you as an add-on service. We take care of all the essentials: cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, cleaning countertops, vacuuming and mopping floors, and doing several laundry loads.

Learn more about our wash & fold service here.

Hiring a Local Cleaning Service vs. TurnoverBnB

There’s a company called TurnoverBnB that specializes in helping Airbnb hosts find cleaners for their properties. The app syncs up to the booking service website and automatically schedules cleanings based on your property turnover.

Unfortunately, like other crowdsourced services, TurnoverBnB charges hosts a 5% fee for the cleaning. That’s on top of the 3% fee that Airbnb charges you as part of their cost of doing business. Additionally, if you meet a local cleaning on TurnoverBnB, hosts have to pay them through the app and be charged the 5% fee, even if they’re in your local area.

The obvious benefit of working directly with a local cleaning provider is that you save 5% on every cleaning request, which can add up over time.

Airbnb Cleaning Service FAQs

How to start an airbnb cleaning service?

In order to start an Airbnb cleaning service you must have a few key pieces of infrastructure: staff, availability, cleaning supplies, and – most importantly – contact with Airbnb hosts. They’ll need to know your availability to support cleaning requirements and also be able to contact you when the need arrives. There are services you can utilize to help get in touch with Airbnb hosts if you are a cleaning company.

How much is an Airbnb cleaning service?

According to available data, the average cleaning fee for an Airbnb ranges between $65 – $105, depending on whether the host does the cleaning themselves or if they hire a professional cleaning company. In general, Airbnb cleaning fees are around $100 per stay.

How do you find a cleaning service for Airbnb?

If you’re an Airbnb host, there are several ways to find a professional cleaning service. For one, you can start by getting in touch with Maid Zen directly. We can provide a free quote on any cleaning needs you may have for Airbnb’s in Northeast Houston.

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