5 Things to Check During the Cleaning Out Process Prior to Moving

You’re moving and probably have a million things on your mind. From packing all your belongings to making sure everything is taken care of in your new city, it can be easy to forget that you need to prepare your home for its new life before you go.

How to Leave Your Home Happy

It’s usually not until the last few days or hours before it’s time to pack up that you realize there are a million things you should’ve done to prepare the house for your departure. Instead of waiting until you’re out of energy and time, it’s best to get all the last-minute cleaning done well before you move. Read on for five ways you should be preparing your house if you plan to move.

  1. Check All Closets

It’s easy to get one-track minded when taking on the task of moving. However, getting ready for the move must include getting your house ready too. Start this cleaning process by checking all the closets for anything you might have missed. This is a good time for you to clean up any trash, old clothes, or anything else that may have fallen into the darkest corners of your closets.

  1. Bleach the Tile

Clean floors instantly increase the property value of a home. Floors should always get a deep cleaning before a new owner moves in. Clean your tiled floors by bleaching them and cleaning the grout. Leave the bleach on for several minutes to ensure the tile receives a deep cleaning.

  1. Clean the Carpet

Don’t wait for the last night to clean your home’s carpet. A thorough cleaning of the carpet requires vacuuming, steam cleaning, and any spot cleaning if necessary. It’s best to set aside a few days to get the carpet clean.

  1. Check the Washer and Dryer

Leaving the washer and dryer behind? Try to make these appliances look as fresh as possible. Clean out any gunk left behind from dust, detergent, and the like. Be sure the laundry area is clean as well, and make sure you haven’t left any clothes behind.

  1. Run the Dishwasher

There’s nothing more terrifying than opening the dishwasher door to find smells and slimy liquid from the ghosts of past dirty dishes. Be sure that the new homeowners never experience this by running the dishwasher before you move out.

There’s always something that needs to be done when you are planning to move out. Be sure to handle all the home-cleaning musts before making your exit. By making sure your house is move-in ready, you’ll ensure the new homeowners are happy. If you want to give your home the perfect cleaning treatment as your final goodbye, don’t hesitate to contact Maid Zen cleaning services. We provide non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will help ease the burden of moving out. Schedule a cleaning with us today!


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