10 Daily Habits for People Who Prioritize Cleanliness

Some people seem to have the knack of keeping everything in order. Having a clean, orderly home isn’t magic. There are a few steps that people who value cleanliness and order at home have learned to take which keep clutter and mess under control.

Below are 10 daily habits that people who prioritize cleanliness utilize every day.

1. Get Rid of Duplicate Items in Your Kitchen and Bath

You can make your kitchen cleaner and neater by going through your drawers and disposing of duplicate utensils and storage containers. In the bathroom, throw away old, unused containers of shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap to clear up counter space. Easy and simple to do, but can be life-changing. 😉

2. When You Use It, Put It Away

Put any tool or utensil you use away immediately after you use it. In addition to staying neat and clean, the item will be easy to find the next time you need it.

3. Wash Dishes After Meals Or Put Them In The Dishwasher

Don’t pile dishes in the sink after meals. If you’re finished, rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher or take a few minutes to wash and dry them.

4. Hang Up Coats and Put Shoes Away

Take an extra minute to hang up your coat when you come in from a cold day. If you take your shoes off when you come inside, put them in a shoe holder or your closet.

5. Open Mail and File or Dispose of it Immediately

Get in the habit of putting bills in one place and filing them or throwing them away after they are paid. Put coupons and flyers in a single location and throw any old ones away once a week.

6. Clean Tables and Counters After Every Use

If you brush your teeth, wipe the bathroom counter afterward. If you make a sandwich or warm up leftovers, wipe the kitchen counter and dining table to keep dust and grime at a minimum.

7. Use Your Bed for Sleeping, Not Storage

If you are in the habit of keeping clothes, books, or games on or under your bed, clean them out and make a rule to use the bed only for sleeping and relaxing.

8. Limit Pillows in Living and Bedrooms

Too many unused pillows collect dust and grime. They can end up on the floor and require extra cleaning. Use only the pillows you need and dispose of or donate old pillows.

9. Make Your Bed Daily

Coming home to a clean bed that’s neatly made just feels good. Take an extra minute or two to make your bed after you get up each day.

10. Put Dirty Clothes Away in Hampers and Clean Clothes in Drawers And Closets

Stacks of clothes usually indicate that closets are overcrowded or that it’s time to do laundry. Fold or hang clean clothing and put dirty clothes in the hamper.

Taking these simple steps can help you keep a cleaner and stress-free life. it will also help you get the most out of our residential cleaning services. They will also help you focus on the valuable parts of your life like your family and precious time off.

If you’re interested in getting residential cleaning services for your house or apartment, get in touch with us directly today!

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