The Benefits of a Clean Home

Here at Maid-zen, we specialize in home cleaning and maid services with green cleaning products. Our clients love our service because they get to come home to a clean house without having to take extra time out of their day to get the job done. Our cleaning experts are also really good at their job, so we typically clean deeper and better than the average homeowner.

Do you ever ask yourself why it’s nice to have a clean home? We do. Answering that question helps us understand what our clients want and how to better serve them.

Having a clean house has numerous benefits sol et’s talk about some of the benefits of having a regularly cleaned home below.

General Health and Safety

The single most obvious benefit of having a regularly cleaned home is that it is safer and healthier for the residents living there. We don’t come across too many homes that are actually dangerous for the residents, but we do tend to find a lot of messy kitchens that likely aren’t completely safe to prepare food in.

Overall, the worst part of a messy house is the presence of bacteria, refuse, and debris. These things can make you sick if they’re ingested, can attract pests, and also get in the way. If there are a lot of toys, clothes, or household items on the floor, they can cause residents to trip or fall. Simply put, it can be dangerous.

Plus, reduced dust in the home makes it easier for A/C to circulate air and is healthier to breathe.

Decluttered Life

There is a big trend towards the ideas of minimalism these days. The idea that reducing the amount of “things” you own can help you ease stress and tension in your life is touted by a lot of lifestyle gurus and productivity consultants.

While we don’t think you need to get rid of everything in your life, having a clean home overall will help minimize the clutter in your home and give you peace of mind. We’ve never met a customer who was happy with their messy, cluttered home.

Having a regularly cleaned home will allow you to spend less time cleaning (or worrying about cleaning) and more time enjoying your space.

Don’t Have to Worry About Company

This is one that not a lot of our customer think about, but you can’t have company “pop over” if your house is a constant mess. Most people don’t want their guests to enter a messy, cluttered house. They feel guilty or slightly ashamed if people see the mess.

Well, with a clean home, you don’t have to worry about if someone is going to randomly stop by – you’ll be ready to host anytime!


One of the main reasons our clients come to us is they simply don’t have time to keep their house clean. They’re busy with work, school, kids, and a million other things. Who wants to carve out an extra 20 minutes a day to keep their home clean?

That’s really only enough time to surface clean. If you want to keep things like bathrooms, windows, and hard to reach places on the up and up, you’ll have to spend even more time.

A regularly cleaned home ultimately saves the homeowner time on having to clean it themselves. ApartmentTherapy recently posted a blog that stated they spend just over 10 hours per week cleaning their home and maintaining their household. That’s 10 hours you could spend doing more important things like spending time with your family.

Increased Productivity

Along with the added time you’ll save in not having to keep you home in shape, increased productivity is another byproduct of having a clean home. By not having to spend a lot of time cleaning your home, you can participate in other activities that you love. Additionally, the decluttering will free up space in your head to really be able to focus on whatever you want.

There are several other benefits to having a clean home that we’re not listing here, but these have been the most common pieces of feedback we get. If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments below!

Want to get some of these benefits yourself? Book a cleaning with today or get a free quote on your cleaning needs!

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