How a Monthly Cleaning is Actually a Good Investment

Keeping your home clean can be a never-ending blur of time-consuming chores.

You’ve got daily chores, weekly to-do lists and monthly routines for heavy jobs.

Add housekeeping duties, and annual spring cleaning and housework costs you approximately 2 hours every day. That translates to at least a month per year!

There is an alternative. Time-savvy homeowners are turning to ongoing residential cleaning services, like Maid-zen. Read on below to learn how a professional monthly cleaning service is actually a great investment.

Cleaning Professionals Do It Better

As much as you want to keep your house spotless, most homeowners don’t have enough time to keep their homes even moderately clean. That’s what cleaning experts bring to the job; they have the expertise and experience to do an incredible job at cleaning your home.

Professional cleaning services are a great investment because you’ll get a better clean and save time for other things. Professional cleaning services are better for many of the following reasons:

  • Recruiting highly trained and certified technicians with many years of experience in both residential and commercial cleaning.
  • Using professional equipment for thorough cleaning from scouring bathroom tiles and scrubbing kitchen floors to cleaning stove tops and more.
  • Using industry-proven and highly effective detergents. Some of them employ green cleaning services considered safe for kids and pets.
  • Deep cleaning keeps your carpets and upholstery fresh and long lasting. Regular cleaning also protects fabrics and fibers from stains and odors.

Professional Cleaners Handle the Heavy Jobs

How many times have you stared down at a dirty wood or tile floor and wished you could walk away? Some duties are simply too big for one person.

In fact, some cleaning jobs have the potential to pose serious risks to your health and safety. With ongoing residential cleaning services, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.

Maid-zen works by doing an initial deep cleaning and then following up with lighter, ongoing cleaning afterwards, which means shorter cleaning periods and lower cleaning prices.

Some of the heavy jobs that professional cleaners can handle include:

  • Cleaning ductwork, shampooing carpets, polishing windows and scrubbing baseboards.
  • Emergency recovery and restoration from occurrences such as water or fire damage.
  • Baseboard cleaning
  • Ceiling and dust cleaning
  • Grease and vent hood cleaning

Gives You Peace of Mind

A clean home is healthy. A clean home is a comfortable place where you can unwind from a busy day at work and just be.

When you let professionals do your housekeeping chores, you haven’t only paid for a clean house – you’re also getting peace of mind. You don’t worry about mold spores in ductwork, dust mites in furnishings and allergens in carpet fibers.

You can customize your monthly cleaning plan to get specific services that you want within your preferred schedule and timelines. You, the homeowner, get to enjoy your time knowing you have more time for doing other things besides tedious housekeeping.

Home Cleaning During a Move

When you are in the process of moving, a professional deep cleaning can help you get your house move-in ready, or prevent residual issues from a move-out.

If you are moving out of your home into a new one, consider seeking cleaning services from a local housekeeping company to leave your old home spotless for the next homeowner and find your new home clean.

Cost Effective Strategy

A simple cost analysis can help you determine if monthly cleaning services are going to be a great investment for you.

Looking for ongoing residential cleaning services in North Houston TX? Maid-zen offers initial deep cleaning services and then affordable “light” cleaning. We also offer personalized services, customer satisfaction guarantee in home and over the phone estimates.

Call us at (832) 229- 1053 or drop an email to get a free quote.

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