Home Cleaning Services for Households That Make 70k – 100k

Professional cleaning services are a great asset to households and homeowners. Not only does the service keep homes clean and safe, but they also help homeowners spend less time on tedious day-to-day cleaning tasks, giving them more free time to spend with their family, enjoying hobbies, or working and improving their career and finances.

While cleaning services aren’t the right fit for every household, it’s a particularly beneficial service for households making a combined salary in the range of $70k – $100k.

Did you know that cleaning your own home is actually costing you?

Not only are you paying for supplies, brooms, vacuums, mops, and other cleaning appliances, but you’re also spending your own personal time getting the job done, and time is money.

With they average rent or mortgage payment in North Houston being in the vicinity of $1,200 to $3,000, a cleaning service that is less than $100 per month can be a great investment that save you time, reduces the amount of hassle on a day-to-day basis, and keeps your home cleaner in the process.

Let’s look at it from a dollars and cents perspective. Here’s a scenario where you can actually save money by investing in professional maid and cleaning services in North Houston.

  • Annual income to purchase an average priced home home in Houston: $52,275
  • Hourly rate based on that income: $25/hour
  • Average hours spent cleaning a household for the average homeowner per day: 2 hours
  • Minimum total hours per week cleaning: 6 hours (if you clean 3 days out of the week)
  • Cost of your time to clean your own house: $150/week

That’s nearly $600 a month that you’re essentially losing to time spent cleaning when you could be making more money by using that time to work, or spending your time doing other, more enjoyable things. A loss of time is still a loss of income.

For the cost of professional cleaning services, you capitalize all that extra time spent cleaning and do something productive with that time.

For those who are on salary, or don’t really buy the dollars and cents approach, a professional maid service is a great investment for those who are homeowners as well. You can avoid wear and tear and long term damage to your property by working with a professional cleaning service who can help keep you home sparkling clean, bacteria and pathogen-free, safe for all visitors, and ready to host at a moment’s notice.

Over time, even lightly used rooms and spaces suffer from wear and tear without regular upkeep. Maintain your home’s equity with a professional maid service.

Maid-zen is proud to serve North Houston residents. Here are some of our maid service offerings:

  • One-time Deep Cleaning – get your single family home deep cleaned and continue with lighter cleaning. These are ideal for first-time customers, when homes are changing ownership, or when your house has gone 6 months or more without a cleaning.
  • Move-in/Move-out Cleaning – moving in or moving out can cause a lot of issues with cleanliness. Our move-in/move-out cleaning service will give your home a deep clean and make it ready for new residents.
  • Recurring or Monthly Cleaning Services – for our customers who have highly active households, pets, regular social events, or especially rambunctious kids, our recurring and monthly cleaning services help keep your home sparkling clean.
  • Light Cleaning & Laundry – for households that don’t have a lot of regular activity, our light cleaning and laundry service will take care of all the essentials: floors, kitchen countertops, vacuuming, and your laundry.

Maid-zen is proud to offer house cleaning services for residents of Spring, TX as well as office cleaning. Next time you’re searching “home cleaning services near me” in Spring, TX, visit us here.

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