Holiday House Cleaning Checklist

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to clean up and get ready to host and entertain. For some people, cleaning is fun but for others, it can be a daunting task.

To help those less inclined, we’ve developed a simple checklist that will guide you while cleaning your house for the holiday and prep your home for entertaining.


The entry is the first place your guests set their eyes on. Some ways to help manage this area is to have enough room at the entryway for coats, bags and shoes. The best way to begin your cleanup at this point is:

 Wipe entry table surface
 Dust frames and decorations
 Organize any furniture that is around the entryway

Living Room

The living room is a room used in different ways by people during a gathering; either for sitting, watching the game, maybe a public space where kids can play. Keep an empty basket where kids can put all the toys when they are not playing. This will make clearing toys much easier. To make sure your living room is holiday ready:

 Declutter table tops
 Dust the fan and light fixtures
 Wipe the blinds and dust window treatments
 Wash your windows
 Shine your furniture with polish
 Clean rugs and carpet by shampooing

Fireplace & Hearth

A lot of people will say that the fireplace is the heart of your home, so you need to treat it as such. Additionally, if you don’t have a properly cleaned and working fireplace, that could become a safety hazard. The best and most available cleaning supplies are ammonia and most oven cleaners will also work well. Some fireplace cleaners come prepackaged so look around for some organic fireplace cleaners at your local store.

 Remove any debris
 Sweep the chimney thoroughly
 Spray in the cleaning supplies
 Let the cleaning agent sit a while
 Clean off the build up by buffing

Bathrooms and Vanities

Bathrooms are probably the most used areas during holiday gatherings (I’m looking at you, barbecue little smokies that grandma brings every year). When guests come to your home, chances are they will use the bathroom. Ensure that your bathrooms are ready to do their job and make you look good in the process by double checking the plumbing and giving it a good clean.

 Wipe mirrors, countertops, and sink
 Clean the tub, shower and tile
 Scrub the toilet bowl and seat with disinfectant
 Wash and fold towels, stock up on these too
 Fill soap and shampoo bottles
 Stock up on toilet paper

Bedrooms and Guest Rooms

If you’re hosting guests on an overnight stay, you’ll want to make sure that they have a clean, welcoming room to stay. In addition to cleaning, ensure the closets have space to keep the guests’ change over clothes. Also ensure that you have extra towels prepared for the guests you are expecting to sleep over.

 Clean window treatments
 Change out sheets and pillow cases
 Empty trashcans
 Dust fans
 Sweep and vacuum floors

Home Office

If your home office is in an open part of the home, ensure to keep away the things you prefer to keep private in an organized. Keep all your files and folders neatly organized on a shelf or table top out of reach of children.

 Organize the books and paperwork
 Dust off frames and books and decor
 Clean the windows and window treatments

Dining Room

The dining rom is bound to get busy during the holidays. While people may not use that space to hang out, it will be the setting for dinner. If you keep utensils in the dining room, ensure they are all cleaned and well organized. Once you have covered the basics, you are set to get cleaning.

 Clean your blinds
 Clean floors
 Wash your tabletop linens
 Dust furniture, frames and decor
 Water your plants if you have them


Many guests end up in the kitchen at one point or another in a party. Inevitably, you’ll need to do a deep clean to get ready for cooking.

 Clean out the sink
 Clean the stovetop
 Wipe the cabinet doors
 Degrease all countertops
 Prep all of your serving dishes
 Sweep and mop your floors

For those of you who need a real deep cleaning, you can get in touch with Maid-zen today!

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