The 5 (Surprisingly) Dirtiest Places in Your Home

When you think about the dirtiest places in your home, you probably think about the garbage can and toilet. Even though you probably clean these areas regularly, there are other areas in your home that could get dirty as well. What are a few surprising places in your home that you might be overlooking during the cleaning process?

1. The Handles of Your Appliances

First, you have to pay close attention to the handles of your appliances. Examples include your stove, your oven, your microwave, and your refrigerator. These are surfaces that people touch often, so they accumulate oil, grease, and bacteria. Make sure you wipe down the handle of your appliances regularly. There are plenty of Clorox wipes you can use to keep them clean. If you notice that the handles of your appliances are starting to feel greasy and sticky, this is a sign that you need to clean them.

2. Your Sink Sponges

When you are in the kitchen, keep a close eye on your sponges. Wring out your sponge and see what it smells like. If you notice a musty smell, it is time to replace it. You can actually run most sponges through your dishwasher to keep them clean. Consider doing this once per week. Then, swap out your kitchen sponge every month. If you are cleaning your dishes with a dirty sponge, this is not going to be helpful. Keep a close eye on your kitchen sponges, as they will go bad faster than you think.

3. Your Refrigerator

You may not realize just how dirty your refrigerator gets. First, there is a seal in your refrigerator that probably gets overlooked. Make sure you wipe this down regularly. Then, if you lift some items you have in your refrigerator, you may notice a stain underneath them. Even though taking everything out of your refrigerator may sound like a hassle, cleaning your refrigerator regularly can extend its lifespan. Clean your refrigerator to keep your food smelling fresh. You don’t want those disgusting odors passing to your food.

4. Your Bathroom Rugs

If you have a rug in your bathroom, you should replace it from time to time. Every time you step on that bathroom rug, it absorbs water. This water creates a ripe surface for mold and mildew. If your bathroom rug is washable, you should wash it regularly in the washing machine. If It is not washable, make sure you replace it often. If you notice a musty smell coming from it, it is time to do something about it. Either toss it in the washing machine or get a new one.

5. Your Keyboard and Remote Controls

Finally, if there is one surface in your home that is touch regularly, it is probably your keyboard and your remote control. With so many people touching these buttons, they can accumulate dust, hair, oil, and more. Furthermore, many people do not clean these surfaces regularly because they are worried they may short-circuit the electronics. There are plenty of wipes you can use to keep these high-touch surfaces clean.

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