5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Better

Organizing your kitchen allows you to arrange everything you need in order to make meal preparation easy, food storage safe and the design of your kitchen appealing. It’s an essential space in the home that demands an orderly and sensible setup and deserves a detail-oriented cleaning.

Work With Your Kitchen’s Layout

Use the existing design or your kitchen to your benefit by mapping out how you move through the space. Knowing how your current setup inconveniences your typical day will help you target what needs to be changed–or what should stay the same. Many kitchens follow a triangle design that places the stove, sink, and refrigerator along its points, but newer design trends focus on creating zones.

Use Drawer Inserts And Cabinet Caddies

Banish junk drawer messes with adjustable compartments and removable inserts. This way, as you add to your kitchen supplies and equipment, you can always rearrange things to fit the new additions and stay organized. Cabinet caddies that rotate or pull out on a track also let you keep a multitude of small items tidy and easy to see and use.

Customize A Pantry For Easy Reach

Whether you have the space for a walk-in pantry or need something more compartmentalized in your kitchen area, make sure that the pantry shelves that suit your needs and create easy access to the supplies you may keep there. Saving the top shelf area for the tallest items is a smart way to use space, but if the item is also very heavy, keep it on a lower shelf capable of holding its weight at a safe height for lifting.

Keep Labeling Materials Within Reach

Planning out your drawers and cabinets and then labeling them with simple categories is an integral part of keeping a kitchen tidy, especially if several people use it and help clean it. This could be as fancy as a special label-making machine that prints out stickers with a particular font or a marker and masking tape.

Treat Your Inventory Like A Restaurant

Professional kitchens depend on a specific set of organizational steps in order to run efficiently and safely. The first in, first out method of storing multiples of the same product means nothing ever goes to waste. As you store packaged or prepared foods, pay attention to their use-by dates and position them so that the appropriate one will be used first.

A functional kitchen that’s fun to use and easy to keep clean doesn’t need to be challenging to maintain. Work with what you have, install pantry shelves that suit your needs and use tricks of the restaurant trade to bring it all together.


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