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House Cleaning. It’s just an accepted part of life, never given a second thought. Homeowners just know it needs to get done and do it. Day after day, month after month, year after year we clean. The time spent cleaning adds up. Maid services help to ease this problem effectively.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average square footage of a home is roughly 2,500 square feet. That’s a lot of space to clean and maintain. Apparently, the average home size has increased by approximately 1,000 square feet over the last 40 years.

The average cleaning service would take about three labor hours to properly clean a 2,500 square foot home weekly. If the average homeowner were to thoroughly clean his or her home each week, it would consume 1,600 hours over ten years. Or 65 days. That’s a massive amount of time homeowners could be doing something else more worthwhile. Perhaps, spending more time with family and friends.

Maid Services Provide Value

Remember, the house won’t clean itself, yet we are all leading increasingly busy lives. However, cleaning is time-consuming and has a significant impact on leisure time. Considering all the home services people outsource, e.g., lawn services, a great question to ask is: what value do maid services provide?

An excellent maid service, in addition to its core function of cleaning, will provide exceptional, trustworthy cleaning technicians. Keep in mind these cleaners will be in your personal space. They may inadvertently catch a glimpse of your private personal items. A good residential cleaning company stresses the importance of privacy and discretion.

Cleaning Business Operations Affect the Quality of Service

A maid service should, at minimum, spend money to run criminal background checks and drug test each potential employee. Furthermore, a good cleaning company would ensure that each job candidate has a friendly demeanor. The job candidate should cause customers to feel comfortable.

How does a good cleaning company ensure that their employees are competent as well as appear and act friendly? Indeed, they pay their employees well and train them well. A good house cleaning company would pay its employees in the 75- to 90-percentile range within its industry. When companies pay well, they have a much more excellent choice of strong, experienced, and career-minded candidates.

Well-paid employees are content. Consequently, they tend to provide better service for the client. Then, the client tends to be more appreciative and rewards the cleaner with generous tips. It creates a beautiful cycle of rewards that benefits customers and employees alike.

Good maid services don’t skimp on training. It will invest time and money meticulously training. Yet, it will also hire slow and fire fast, cutting its losses early on.

A good house cleaning company communicates effectively with its employees. It also ensures that its employees have the most effective, high-quality tools and equipment possible. This allows the employee to perform his or her job comfortably and effectively.

Excellent maid services will conduct regular, surprise quality checks on its employees while on the job site. It will do this, especially during first-time cleanings.

Overall, the value of a home cleaning company is derived from the people it employs. The people who work in a cleaning company are a product of the culture. The owners and managers must set the tone nicely.

Your home is your most valuable asset; keep it in good order.

Yes, I assume your home is your most valuable asset because it is for most people. It will provide beauty and comfort for many years if it’s consistently maintained and protected.

Just as a car needs constant maintenance and tune-ups, a home needs continuous cleaning and repair. If homeowners don’t have the time or discipline to give their most valuable financial asset a thorough cleaning each week, then hire an excellent cleaning company. Recuring cleanings will maintain the beauty of your home and allow you to enjoy being in it.

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