Everyone knows that sinks, toilets, showers and other trouble areas can get out of hand rather quickly without regular care. That’s why many people turn to residential cleaning services such as Maid-zen to handle their ongoing bathroom cleaning. Your bathroom is one of the most often used areas in your house and gets a great deal of wear and tear. And because of the nature of the business that you do in there, it’s especially important to keep those areas clean and sanitary.

Cleaning Your Bathrooms

Unlike the other areas of your house, the bathroom poses some particular challenges.

  • Toilet bowls become discolored quickly and require regular maintenance. But those who do not do the bathroom cleanup may not realize how much caked-up dirt and filth accumulates at the base and rear of a porcelain toilet.
  • Another concern area is grout. The material between tiles tends to be coarse and ranks as a top area for mold to take root. The dangers of mold are well-documented and the hard to reach corners along tubs and behind heating conduits are susceptible to these health hazards. Ceilings can also be impacted from rising steam from those long, relaxing showers.
  • Acrylics are common materials used to manufacture tubs, shower stall and sinks among others. They should be handled with mild cleaners and non-abrasive scrubbing items to avoid scratches.
  • Metal items may appear strong enough to apply considerable elbow grease. However, cast iron and steel bathroom products are often covered with a more delicate enamel top coat for aesthetic purposes. Acid-based cleaners and rough cleaning brushes can strip away enamel and allow moisture to rust these expensive fixtures.
  • Porcelain tends to be a tougher surface than many others in terms of cleaning. Trouble areas generally include the plug holes in sinks and areas where toilets are fixed to the floor.
  • Ceramic tiles are also fairly rugged. The trouble areas are generally the grout in between which is prone to collecting grime and mold.
  • Glass and mirrors can be annoying to keep clean due to streaks and smears. Cleaning them while still moist from a hot, steamy shower can be an excellent strategy.

While smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and linoleum my not pose the same level of health threat, each presents a unique cleaning problem. In terms of rewarding yourself with a clean, fresh-smelling bathroom, it’s imperative to have an actionable bathroom plan that utilizes only the best and healthiest green cleaning products and methods.

Bathroom Cleaning Product Checklist

The idea that we, as consumers, must think through everything we purchase and figure out if it’s good or bad can be exhausting. Commercial bathroom cleaning products are designed to eradicate dirt, grime and health hazards in your bathroom. The only problem is that these chemicals are themselves dangerous, but after using them, we feel like our living space is “cleaner.” In truth, our bathroom is now laden with toxic agents that expose children, pets and loved ones to unnecessary risk.

That’s why it’s important to square your thinking and shift to healthy green cleaning products. Green cleaning products are natural, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for you and your loved ones. Here’s our green bathroom cleaning product checklist for a quick reference:

  • Baking Soda: combined with water, vinegar and essential oils, baking soda cuts through difficult grease and grime while leaving your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Club Soda: this natural product can be strategically used to target stains.
  • Vinegar: the acidity in this natural household item makes it an excellent choice to cut through bathroom grease, grime and scum.
  • Lemon Juice: one of the lesser-known organic solutions to wiping out mold and mildew. It also leaves your bathroom lemony fresh!
  • Essential Oils: the above cleaning products are often coupled with specific essential oils to enhance their cleaning capacity and leave your bathroom smelling wonderful. These may include Tea Tree and Rose Hip oil among others.

The trend toward healthy home cleaning has given rise to some excellent green cleaning products. Some of the name brands embraced by Maid-zen include:

You can also find a wide selection of some of our favorite green bathroom cleaning products over at our green cleaning product page.

The Maid-zen Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

One of the best ways to enjoy a healthy, clean fresh-smelling bathroom is to tackle the project with a step-by-step plan. Follow this checklist and ensure

Tub and Shower: spray these surfaces and use a circular scrubbing motion beginning at the top and ending at the bottom. Check grout for buildup or mold and use a toothbrush to remedy. Then, rinse down the entire area with clean, lukewarm water.
Rods and Rings: using a green-cleaner moistened cloth, wipe down the rods and rings to complete the bathtub or shower cleaning.
Mirrors and Glass: use a green cleaning product to moisten a cloth and buff.
Sink: wet a cloth with a green cleaning solution and scrub the sink. Use a toothbrush to handle tight areas such as the drain and joints. Once properly scrubbed, use a water moistened cloth to wipe away any residual product.
Cabinets: empty everything out of the medicine cabinet and vanity. Then spray with a green cleaning product and wipe thoroughly. Repeat if needed. Once dry, return items.
Fixtures: use a cloth spritzed with a green cleaning solution to wipe down fixtures. Check joints for areas that may require a toothbrush to get clean.
Toilet: begin by scrubbing the interior of the toilet thoroughly with a brush. Then, treat the exterior like other porcelain surfaces. You may need to use a toothbrush to cull out buildup near the floor and rear of the base.
Floor: mop the floor beginning at the farthest area from the door and work your way out. Do not hesitate to change water during the process to maximize cleanliness.

For more information about working with a residential cleaning company in the Houston area that uses green cleaning products, contact Maid-zen for an estimate or consultation.

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