Cleaning Living, Dining & Family Room Areas:

Dust and polish furniture, vacuum carpets, clean under cushions, dust ceiling fans, dust light fixtures, dust baseboards, dust window sills, and (if applicable) clean patio doors inside and out. We’ll make sure you have a clean living room and a clean dining room to come home to.

Kitchen & Laundry Room Cleaning:

We handle all kitchen cleaning and clean laundry. Maid-zen cleans the countertops, clean small kitchen appliances, clean the microwave inside and out, clean the stove exterior, wipe refrigerator exterior, clean the air vents, wipe cabinet exteriors, wipe dishwasher exteriors; clean the sink, faucet, and drain, clean inside-windows over the sink (if applicable), dust window sills, vacuum and mop floors, dust exposed baseboards, dust washer and dryer, etc.

Get Clean Bedrooms & Office Cleaning Services:

Maid-zen also offers office cleaning services and other duties including, dust the furniture, vacuum carpet, linens: change/straighten, dust exposed baseboards, dust ceiling fans, dust the light fixtures, dust lampshades, etc to ensure that you have a clean room.

Cleaning for Bathrooms:

We’ll be your personal bathroom cleaner and maid. We clean and disinfect the tub and shower stalls, clean and disinfect the toilets inside and out; dust the light fixtures, mirrors and countertop, clean cabinet exterior, dust toilet paper holder and towel rack, vacuum and mop floors and rugs, dust exposed baseboards, etc.

Entry, Exit, Stairwell, Hallway:

Dust furniture, dust light fixtures, lamp shades and artwork, vacuum, and mop floors, dust exposed baseboards, etc.

Extra Tasks (advance notice or additional charge):

Wash inside windows; empty, wipe, and replace items inside cabinets and hutches; remove shoes and other items from closets, vacuum, and replace; remove ashes from the fireplace; clean inside the oven; clean inside the refrigerator; fold clothes; wash dishes. Ask for details.

Personalized Service

We provide one-time cleanings, move-in and move-out cleanings, and Make-ready cleanings. If you choose recurring services, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings. The more often we clean, the greater the discount you receive per visit.

If you only want a few rooms cleaned, no problem! Just let us know and we’ll clean only the rooms you select.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re guaranteed. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service for any reason, we’ll cheerfully send our team out to re-clean the affected area at no additional cost.

Over-the-Phone Estimates

To ensure quick service, we provide over-the-phone estimates.

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