Cleaning Services in Atascocita

Your home needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it looking its best and sanitary for those living in it. However, if you live a busy life or have physical restrictions, cleaning your home can be challenging. This is why Maid Zen Cleaning Service is here to help. We offer house cleaning services in Atascocita, TX that can be customized to fit the needs of your home. Here are a few of the ways we keep your home sparkling clean.

Thoroughly Clean Living and Family Rooms

Our cleaning technicians dust and polish your living spaces, including your living room and family room. Also, we clean the flooring, dust all of your ceiling fans and light fixtures on every visit. As well, we clean the baseboards and dust the window sills and blinds.

Tidy Up Bedrooms

Maid Zen wants to ensure you have a clean place to lay your head at night. Our maid service technicians vacuum your carpets, change and straighten your linens, make your beds. Moreover, our cleaning technicians will dust the entire space, and clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and baseboards.

A Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Your kitchen can get dirty quickly. We work to ensure it is sanitary by wiping down the countertops, cleaning your refrigerator, stove, and cabinets. Furthermore, we even clean your air vents and wipe down all your appliances. Of course, we also vacuum and mop the floors.

Let Us Handle Your Bathrooms

At Maid Zen Cleaning Services in Atascocita, we work hard to clean and sanitize your bathrooms. This includes cleaning the sink and countertop. Of course, we also sanitize the toilet, wipe down your shower, shower stalls and bathtub. This also includes cleaning the floor.

Laundry Room

Thanks to lint, your laundry room can get dusty faster than other spaces in your home. We clean the outside of your appliances, dust, and vacuum and mop the floor in the laundry room.

Entryways, Exit Points, and Hallways

Finally, our cleaning service is attentive to all of your entryways, exit points, and hallways. These areas are cleaned thoroughly. Our house cleaning technicians ensure the floors in these areas are vacuumed and mopped well. Additionally, our cleaning technicians wipe down baseboards and clean fixtures in these areas as well.

Additional Home Cleaning Services in Atascocita

We accommodate most additional services you have, including washing windows, cleaning closets, wiping down cabinets and hutches, cleaning your oven or fridge and doing laundry. Ask for details and costs associated with all of these additional services.

When you need cleaning services in Atascocita, turn to Maid Zen Cleaning Service. Cleaning technicians at Maid Zen are consistent, thorough, and care about customer satisfaction. We offer personalized services, including one-time cleanings, move-in and move-out cleanings and make ready cleanings. We also offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring cleaning services.

Moreover, we make payment as easy as possible for you, accepting both credit cards and checks. Furthermore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee as well. If you aren’t happy, our team will cheerfully return and re-clean. Contact us today at (832) 229-1053 for a free over-the-phone estimate. Or click on this link for a free quote.

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