Cleaning Service in Humble, TX for the Whole House

We know you’re busy, so we provide complete cleaning services for the whole house in Humble, TX. Whether you just hate cleaning the bathrooms or need some help keeping the whole house neat and tidy, we have the right service for you.


That layer of dust that lands on everything is not only gross — it can also cause allergies to flare. However, before the dust layer is even visible to the eye, there is a tiny layer on most surfaces in your home. In the cleaning industry, it’s called “old dust“. Sometimes it’s not tiny, it has a thick cake-like consistency and can even be harmful to health.

Have our expert maid service come in and regularly dust for you. Specifically, our house cleaning services include dusting your furniture, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, windowsills, and baseboards on each and every visit. We even dust artwork, picture frames, your appliances, and more.

Vacuuming and Floor Cleaning

Moreover, for the everyday dust that lands on carpets and rugs, vacuuming is the best solution. After you consider that we walk on carpets and floors in our shoes daily, which shed all sorts of debris.

The same dirt that lands on furniture and other surfaces also lands on the carpet and floors. Also, we often have pet hair and dander to deal with as well. Once it becomes clear that your carpet needs regular vacuuming, give us a call.

Surface Cleaning

Most homes have a lot of surfaces that just won’t stay clean. Especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Notably, in the kitchen, the countertops, cabinets, appliances, and sinks need regular attention.

In the bathroom, the same areas, plus the toilet, tub, shower stall, and mirrors need near everyday cleaning. Our cleaning services include patio door cleaning, inside and out. We also wash windows situated over the kitchen sink, in our regular services. We also straighten or change the bed linens at your discretion.

Deep Cleaning Services

Our Humble house cleaning service offering wouldn’t be complete without offering deep cleaning services. In fact, we require all new recurring clients to have a deep cleaning on their initial visit. We disinfect toilets and tubs, clean small appliances and sink drains, and more.

Additional in-depth cleaning services that require advanced notice or an additional fee include cleaning the inside of refrigerators and ovens and emptying fireplace ashes. We also clean within cabinets, hutches, or closets, washing interior windows, washing and folding clothes, and washing dishes.

We Want You to Be Happy with Our Cleaning Service

Finally, our goal is to make sure that our customers are consistently satisfied. To ensure that, we have a satisfaction guarantee. It includes an easy, no-hassle payment process, and the ability to personalize cleaning services as you need them. In addition, we have a 100% guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll come back to re-clean the affected areas.

Cleaning services are available for move-in, move-out, and recurring service. For one-time deep cleanings, we will even give you an over-the-phone estimate! We provide in-home estimates at your request. Give us a call at (832) 229-1053 or click this link for a free quote.

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