How to Keep Your Concrete Floors Clean

Concrete flooring is made when coarse material such as gravel, limestone, or granite, along with sand or other fine material, is bonded together with a fluid cement mixture. When sealed, they make a durable indoor or outdoor flooring that can be stained in a color that complements any room. You’ll often find concrete flooring in industrial offices and loft-style residences, typically in older buildings.

Stained and sealed concrete provides a pretty even surface so there isn’t a lot of places for dirt and debris to hide. Regular sweeping and a light mopping will keep your floors looking and working great for day-to-day use.
An unsealed concrete floor is porous and retains spills and dirt. While regular sweeping and mopping is best for concrete floor cleaning, extra effort is needed on some unsealed concrete floors. A multi-textured mop might do the trick, but we recommend using a heavy duty floor brush to scrub those uneven surfaces.

Cleaning Concrete Floors

For flooring with no extra color added, commercial solutions, a low volume bleach or ammonia solution will get the job done. We recommend about a capful of bleach per gallon of water for the mixture. Same if you’re going the ammonia route. In general, you don’t need to use a high abrasion brush on polished concrete because you can damage the seal.

For caked-on debris, mix flour and hydrogen peroxide into a paste that reaches a peanut butter consistency. Spread it on the stain and let it set overnight. Scrape it off with a plastic scraper tool and mop the area to remove the residue. That should get rid of most hard to clean debris. If you find that doesn’t work, then we recommend boiling hot water and a thick steel brush to clean the floor.

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