Corporate Office Cleaning Services

Maid Zen offers cleaning services to North Houston’s corporate and administrative offices along with our top-rated green residential cleaning services. For smaller offices, you don’t necessarily need a commercial cleaning service to maintain your space. Instead, we treat your corporate office more like a residential area with a unique set of needs.

Similar to our residential cleaning, we tackle corporate office cleaning with the same attention to detail, high quality products, and great customer service. Here’s what you can expect for administrative office cleaning and corporate office cleaning services:

  • Private office cleaning – includes dusting and polishing furniture, cleaning windows, dusting blinds, spot clean doors and frames, vacuum carpets, dust lampshades, fixtures, artwork, and wipe down any exposed surfaces
  • Public waiting areas/lobby – includes cleaning furniture, cleaning carpets, cleaning windows, clean and tidy any public beverage or food service tables, spot clean doors and baseboards
  • Bathroom cleaning – clean toilets (inside and out), clean mirrors, wipe down countertops, clean floors
  • Kitchen or breakroom cleaning – wipe down countertops, clean small kitchen appliances, clean exterior of major appliances, sinks, baseboards, and clean floors
  • Entryways, stairways, and hallways – clean any fixtures and furniture, mop floors, vacuum carpet, clean baseboards

Many businesses could qualify for our corporate office cleaning services. They can include:

  • Private healthcare offices
  • Accounting offices
  • Co-working spaces
  • Mental health providers
  • Real estate offices

If you’re interested in getting top-rated local cleaners for your corporate or administrative offices, get in touch with Maid-zen today!

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